Two police officers lost their lives in the El Monte shooting, and their families say they were loved.

Two El Monte police officers were killed Tuesday while responding to a domestic violence incident at a motel, and the suspect was killed at the scene, authorities said.

There was no mention of the cops, one a veteran with 22 years on the force and the other a novice with less than a year, but both were lauded as heroes.

Interim El Monte Police Department Chief Ben Lowry said Tuesday night that "these two men were adored."

" In the end, "they were wonderful men who gave their lives for the greater benefit of their society and those they cared about."

Two policemen were summoned to the "Siesta Inn" on Garvey Ave. about 5:00 p.m. to investigate a possible stabbing.

According to LA County Sheriff's Homicide Bureau Capt. Andrew Meyer, the officers "confronted the suspect" and exchanged gunfire in a motel room and the parking lot.

The two wounded officers were taken to LA County USC Medical Center where they died from their injuries.

El Monte Mayor Jessica Ancona remarked, "Heartbroken doesn't begin to describe our grief."

Ancona said one of the policemen grew raised in El Monte, attended its schools, and joined the force to serve his neighbourhood.

The 35-year-old 'well-known' to El Monte PD attacker was shot dead at the spot.

"The City of El Monte is devastated and startled by tonight's shooting,"

They were killed the following day when a CHP officer was shot and killed during a traffic check in Studio City. 

On Tuesday, the suspected assailant was apprehended in Van Nuys, where the CHP officer who was shot was able to escape.