Czech Foreign Ministry summons Russian ambassador over diplomatic property

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic on Tuesday has summoned Russian Ambassador Oleksandr Zmeevsky to express concern over the use of diplomatic properties 

This was reported by Reuters with reference to the Czech Foreign Ministry, as seen by Ukrinform. 

It is noted that a working group has been recently set up by the Czech government to deal with Russian-owned real estate property has identified a number of sites that call into question whether they are indeed used for diplomatic purposes. 

Diplomatic missions on the territory of a foreign state must comply not only with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, but also with the rules and laws of the host country, the Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky stated 

According to the top diplomat, Russia does not do this and neither does it respect the rule of law 

Earlier it was reported that the City Hall of the Prague-6 district of the Czech capital has made a proposal to use part of the empty premises within the Russian Embassy complex for the needs of Ukrainian refugees 

This is primarily about a school that has not been operating since most Russian diplomats were expelled last year over the Vrbetice case (explosions at ammunition depots set up by Russian special services). According to officials, the building could be used to educate Ukrainian children.